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Where are they now?

The ABC All My Children Website
So we can keep up with Zen.
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids -- The TV Show
George, Ed, and Sandy's new home.
The NBC Days of Our Lives site
So we can keep up with Julianne.
Soap Opera Digest
To keep up with all the AoS alumni that are on soaps
All My Children, AMCDaytime
A great all over site for AMC, complete with screen captures, updates and a forum.

Fun stuff

Ultimate TV - Your Source for Everything
A really cool TV database/info network. Has almost everyone and their dog listed. Great research site for the cast.
Hopeless Romantic & Da*n Proud!!!
Selynne and Torra's HRADP Site.
The Internet Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction Database
A neat database.
Gwynfallan: Welcome!
Gabbi's site.
the Episode Guides Page - Episode Lists Menu
Interesting, it has lots of shows.
ARCHIVE -A shot at the big time (OCT '96)
Interesting article from when Sibad first started.
South Africa - July '98 - Sinbad film gusher
And the heart breaking reality of this summer.
Welcome to E! Online - Front Door
E! channel online...
Realm of Adventure
Interesting stories, from Days of Old
Historical/Fantasy Television -
Good place to just browse.
Hollywood Online - The Press Room
Just for fun...but check out the Volcano Premire for a neat pic
Interesting read on the fatasy adventure shows
Someone's paper.
Indian Ocean
Nice read about the region of AOS.
Historical/Fantasy T.V.
A fantasy TV show site.
CiceroCat's Link page
Indian Ocean2
Another nice read about the region of AOS.
ArabNet - The Resource for the Arab World in ...
A rather comprehensive scource
Name says it all.
Arabian Knights
This is the "modern" version of Arabian Knights, by Andrew
This is the original Sir Richard Burton translation
The one that brought the story to the western world. This is the one that the Writers of AoS kept as a reference.
Deja News
A newsgroup search engine.
Welcome to the Land of the CA Twins
Fantasy site extrodinaire.
The voting booths main page
There are way too many to mention here.
ManiaComics Hollywood Hereos
An old article from summer of 97.

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