The "Children"

My "children", my babies, my pets, my companions. Since I have 4, and everyone wants to see pics, I thought why not put them on my space at Tripod?

Barron is really my parent's dog. He's about 11, and is a Fox Terrier mix. With what is anyone's guess.

Micky "T" Trouble is my first "real" pet. Meaning he is the first one that I picked, take care of, and "own". But we don't really own our pets, they just kinda rent space in our hearts. He's about 4, and is a Whippet/Basenj/something else mix.

Indiana, or Indy, is Jim's babe. He's a ChowChow/Collie or Sheltie or Lord knows what. Here in these pics, he's at about 18 weeks, and already is Mickey's size. When he walks now, he looks and moves like a lion. I must get more pics of him soon. He's full grown at 53 pounds now, and terrified of thunderstorms.

Sally, is our 18 year old cat. You can't tell, but she's a tuxedo cat. Her white markings are a perfect vest and waistcoat, with gloves and boots. Plus the white ascot tie. She's a stylin' puss. I'll miss her dearly when she's gone. She'll be 19 in the fall. Sadly, we lost her in her 20th year, January 2000. I still see her sleeping by the microwave cart in the dining room, by the kitchen. She was a sweet cat, and an awesome mouser.

The Pack is what happens to me when treat time comes around.

Cybrmutt is Mickey. He'll jump up in my lap, and I swear he's trying to figure out how to type something. I wish you could see the view I have out that window. It faces the street, but the street is about 100 feet away, and there are lots of trees between me and it.

Ahhh. The one advantage to moving back home. The trees, birds and wildlife around here.

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