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Keren's Birthday Surprise!

               Hey sis!!! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws colored confetti and balloons everywhere* YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have an awesome day and enjoy yourself!!! Take a break and go party!!! :) Love ya tons and bunches!!!! Hope you get everything you wish for on your special day!! Yay!!! *throws more confetti and grins wickedly as BSB and N Sync sing ya Happy B-day* :P

Love ya!!!!!! Debs

Hey Sis!

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to you. May your day be beautiful and sunny, may Craig treat you to a nice dinner and may your fridge be filled with choco marshmellow (fluff). Take it easy, put your feet up on the couch and have a Zen fest. Just don't go overboard! He might have to jump in after you.

(Hmmmm...the wheels are spinning for a you know what!)

Love Ya Tons! Suse


First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE! Second, I hope your day is filled with much joy and happiness. Third, sit back, relax, and have a few pleaZENt daydreams! (especially the kind with choco marshmallows.*VBG*) Love you "DurmottSis"!

RongarSis, Joanna


Happy Birthday, girl! Hope yours if filled will everything nice and is just as special as you. Hm...if is it, it's going to be one humdinger!!!

Love ya, Mrinda

Happy Birthday Keren!!

This little note comes with a heartfelt wish that your special day is totally filled with happiness and lots of wonderful suprises!! And DermottSis, I want to say thanks for all the pictures you have made and shared. I really enjoyed them. I know you work hard and put a lot of effort into making those great pics for us adventurers. Truely they have been appreciated and enjoyed by all. And even though I know I haven't had a bunch of time to chat, in true Nomad spirit, you still always found time to say hello and share your friendship. So I truely hope Keren, that your birthday is the very best ever.. and most of all, that it comes with the very best presents ever; )

Happy Birthday!!!!! (((hugs))) Jamie (Brynbro)


Happy happy birthday,

On your special Day!

Happy happy birthday,

Feel free to shout Hey! Ole! Relax, eat tons of cake, open tons of presents, and have a great "food fight" kind of fun. Forget everything, and enjoy life! Congrats on being one year older, wiser and kool-er. Life is good--and you help to keep the AoS Spirit alive, which helps to make it even better.

Happy birthday, you deserve everything good that's coming to you. *throws a ten-layer chocolate cake topped with double fudge icing at Keren*

lol! Jayden


Happy Birthday!!!!! Although I'm not sure how old you are, I'm sure the cake will be lit and balloons wll be flying!!! I hope that your Birthday wish comes true. So take a deep breath and blow those candles out!!! Happy Birthday again!!!!!!

Love and Magic, Celtic Angel

Happy birthday Keren!!! (((((((((((Keren))))))))))) Hope your day is wonderful and that all your birthday wishes come true. You deserved it! :) Wishing you much happiness for your next year and many many more.

Luv, ~Sahara

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Ke-rreeen Happy birthday to yoooouuuu!!!

May you find all the guys of the Nomad hiding under your bed!!

Teala the Protector

Hope your day is a good one. Take care and yes the rumours of my demise are false.


Happy Birthday to one of the nicest, energetic, sweetest person I know! Here's hoping all your birthday wishes come true!


Happy birthday ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Keren))))))))))))))))))))))))))!!!! Wish you all the best. Hope all you wishes come true!!!!!!!!

Lady Rumina

Hi Keren! I wish you a very special birthday. I don't know you, but I am a memberof The Adventures, so maybe we will get to know each other sometime. Over to you birthday wish, My wish to you is that you will get what you dream of in this world, and that your life will be filled with joy,happiness, and of course love :-) As we say in Norway: Gratulera med Dagen din!!

Blessed Be Morgaine

Hi Keren!!! ((((((((Keren)))))))) HAPPY BIRTH-DAY!! Hope ya have lots of fun, love,and everything else on your special day! You've always been there for me and I'm very grateful to have a friend like you! Love you Much Much Much! Joy and Happiness for you! *hits Keren with B-Day cake* (Sorryhad to!) Ummm here's what Firouz created for you as a gift: It's an alarm clock that rings when it's newsletter time! *evil grin* hehe (just kidding ok!) (I should get one too maybe.. *LOL*)

Take big Care! Sade

Happy Birthday, Keren!!!!

Just wanted to wish a happy birthday to the best Big Sis in the world!! Thanks for everything and if there is ever a time when I can help you, just let me know.

-- Suzy Q

Dear DermottSis, Best wishes to you on this happy day! May you get all (well... almost all) that you asked for! You can borrow Sinbad tonight if you promiseto behave and return him in the same condition he was loaned out. *pats Sinbad's cheek and his leather-clad be-hind as she sends him to her sis* Treat my sis well, Sinbad! Enjoy, Keren! *eg* PleaZENt dreams (no wait - you don't have to dream tonight, you've got him there with you!)

Your SinbadSis, Maevelyn

Hi Keren!

I wish you a very happy birthday! May all the dreams you share come trueon that wonderful day! Don't worry and be happy.


Happy Birthday Keren!!

You deserve to have a great, wonderful, happy, nice and hot day! Take this day to relax and have fun with all your friends. Again, happybday!


Keren, Happy Birthday, I hope you spend the greatest day ever!!!



On that special day, I wish you the most beautiful birthday of your life. Just have fun on this day and forget all the problems of life. In two words: Happy Birthday!


Keren~ Hi! I know I don't know you very well, but I HAVE heard a great deal about you (all good, I assure you. ^.-). I just wanted to thank you onmy behalf for helping so much to keeping our AoS group and club running. I hope you have one of the best birthdays ever!!! Give up a cheer! HipHip HOORAY!!!! :)

Kat ^.^

Hey Ker Bear (LOL),

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What else can I say? LOL I know something about age and wisdom would be bad for my health huh big sis? *BBBG* Well... I could lead off with something bout a certain Frick... but I'll let YOU make that announcement to the world if you so choose. *VVEG* That's all I'm saying, I promise. :) Hey, good news for your b-day, the BSB video premiered. (GREAT news for me... LOL *sigh*) Where were we? Ah, back to you. *smiles* To put everything in the "Reader's Digest version" (Mrinda, that's for you...) I'll just say I love ya lots, and wish you a GREAT (B-Rok-ing) day. Ha ha. :P (((hugs))) I'll break into song later, promise.

*VVEG* Celeste

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you , Happy birthday dear Keren-my-AoS-budddddyyyyyyy , Happy borthday tooOOOoooOOoooo yoOOooou!!!!

Talk to you soon. Byeee! ~ G

KEREN!!! Happy happy birthday! *throws confetti and food* I hope you have the best special day ever, cuz you definitely deserve it. (((Keren)))

Bye-bye! ~Krisa

P.S. If you haven't already, check out the Derm forum for another gift. *BG*

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