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Welcome to the Links of Sinbad!

Directly below are the sites that are dedicated to bringing back the beloved show.
Save Our Sinbad
Save Our Sinbad Forum
OUR petition forum. Post why you want to see the show back, and it gets printed out and mailed to the powers that be.
Help bring back the Adventures of Sinbad!
Gabi's list of contact sites.

Webring Links:
The Adventurers Links and Season 3:
The Adventures of Sinbad Links:
The Actors Pages:
Stuff and other strangeness :
Fan fiction:
Miscellaneous links part one:
Miscellaneous links part two:

This The Webring of Sinbad and Bryn site owned by Joanna.
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The Ring of the Seven Seas

This Ring of the Seven Seas Webring site is owned by Joanna.

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The Nomad Webring

This Nomad's Webring site is owned by Joanna.

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Thank yous, ramblings, and legalese.

I hope you all have as much fun exploring these links as I did locating them. If you see a guestbook, don't hesitate to sign. Thank you to all the wonderful webmasters and mistresses who took their time and love of this great show to new heights, by creating some excellent websites.

From the Save the show campaigns and forums, to the new fanfic adventures that await the crew, to the individual Adventurer's committees' sites, they should be all here. If I missed one, email me, let me know.

All images that are found are copyright by the respective owners. These sites are from fans for fans.

Many thanks to the great creator, Ed Naha, for sparking my interest in a long forgotten friend. And also thanks go the the talented cast and crew who brought the show to life, and made me tune in each week.

Keren, Susanna, Mrinda, and all my cyber Sinbad sibs, I don't know if I should love you all or curse you, for getting me started on this. :) Love yas anyway! Many thanks to Kid, and LdyWynter, for the use of some of their pics.

Calm waters, and clear skies.


PS. AoS is copyrighted by their respectful owners. Most of the pics are made with snappys from the show itself, since we didn't get any merchandise, we had to do our own. Thank you for your time.

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