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Forums and Chat


The Adventurers Forum!
Where we have gathered since the official one went down.
Adventures of Sinbad: FF Season 3 Forum
The title says it all.
The Rumina Committee forum, the cojuring bowl
The Rumina Committee's forum, and all things Julianne Morris
The AoS Fanfic Library Forum
This was set up so the readers can talk to the writers.
Rabbit's Rant and Roar Question and Answer Forum
A place to go with those burning questions.
The Maeve and Sinbad Haven
The name says it all. For the Maeve and Sinbad fans.
Sinbad's Forum
The Sinbad Committee's forum. For Sinbad fans.
Doubar's Forum
The Doubar Committee's forum. A place for all things Doubar.
Bryn's Mystical Forum
The Bryn Committee's forum. As well as all Bryn fans.
Firouz's Inventive Forum
The Firouz committee's forum. For the fans of Firouz.
Sinbad and Bryn's Ocean
Another Forum for the two.
Forbidden Desire - The Sinbad\Rumina Forum
Title says it all.
The Bryn Worship Message Board
For Bryn fans everywhere, a new board.
Maeve & Eyolf - The true Soulmates
Another soulmate forum.
Dermott Committee Forum
A place for Dermott fans and committee members to gather
Sinbad/Bryn Heaven
Forum for Sinbad and Bryn fans
The Adventures of Sinbad RPG
Looks like it may be fun
Maeve and Sinbad Forever Forum (Soulmates)
A second Sinbad & Maeve forum.
FanFiction Exchange
For fanfiction help, ideas, cretiques. AOS and others
The Adventures of Sinbad Forum
Lost forum found. Sorry Deb!
Adventures of Sinbad Fourm by Lady Rumina
Lady Rumina's general AoS Forum
M/S Utopia
For the M/S relationship fans.
The Screaming Banshee
Another writer's block forum.
The Jacqueline Collin forum
The forum for her fans, and fan club.
The AoS Misc. Talk Forum
Another General talk forum on AOS
The Adventures of Sinbad Fan Forum
Another forum open to discuss the show
Another Maeve and Sinbad forum
A Love that will never die
Another Maeve and Sinbad forum
An AoS Tape Exchange Forum
A forum to make contacts about swapping tapes
The Secret Soulmates
A Bryn and Firouz forum
Bryn and Durmott
A forum dedicated to these two

The Save Our Sinbad sites

Save Our Sinbad Forum
OUR petition forum. Post why you want to see the show back, and it gets printed out and mailed to the powers that be.
Save Our Sinbad!
It's in full gear, write and fax!
Save Sinbad Petition
The first list.
Help bring back the Adventures of Sinbad!
Gabi's list of contact sites.

Chat Rooms

Adventures Of Sinbad Chat Room
NEW! Talk City AOS Chat. Also easily accessable by clicking on the Talk City Button at the bottom of your screen. (Link on the button is down at the moment.)
Sinbad Chat -WBS
WBS Chat, part of the "go network".(NOT!)
AoS Chat Room Login
AOS chat room at BeSeen.
Sinbad Chat Login
Sinbad chat room at BeSeen.
Add chat to your web site with the Chat @ Talk City program

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