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The Fanfic Adventures

At the sites below, are the various Adventures of Sinbad sites with Fan fic.

Most of these are at the library already, so this page is sort of redundant. But I thought you would like to see them anyway.

If you do come across a fanfic that is not in the library, please contact me or Susanna, and let us know.


The Great Library...The Adventures Of Sinbad FanFic Library

The Adventures Of Sinbad FanFic Library
Like the Library of Alexandria, this site is priceless.

Forums for the writers.

AOS Reference Library Fourm
For the great library above.
Adventures of Sinbad Fanfic season 3
For the writers, and general discussions.

The fanfic sites

The Adventures of Sinbad Season 3 Fan Fiction.
Kid's version of the third season. Read the latest episode!
The Galley ~ Selynne's AoS Fanfic Page
Selynne's great stories.
More Authors, More AoS Fanfiction
The next page at Selynne's site.
Faranath's AOS FanFiction Website
Faranant's FF site. Not to be confused with her AoS site.
The Society For Injuring Firouz and other AoS...
Name says it all.
The Library
Someone's library of Fanfic.
Sinbad FanFix
More fanfic.
Captian's Log
More fic.
Swashbucklers Fan Fiction
Some interesting stories.
Some Fanfic from the good ol days.
AngstFest '98
The other site of Torra and Selynne.
tarturus 's Home Page
Lots of stuff.
Sadize's Stories
Recently updated. Includes other authors.
Fan Fiction
Another site full of stories.
And another.
Main Library
Another library of fanfic.
Portal to Another Place
You never know what you may find.
Gwynfallan: Welcome!
Gabi's site of stories.
Fan Fiction on the Net
All kinds of fanfic, including some AOS.
The zone of fanfic.
HBKid Productions
All you wanted to know about the production team.
"My" Drama page
Now, if we can find out who My is, this listing won't look so strange.
Fandom on the Net
A secondary site for the fanfiction on the net above.
The Alternate Adventures of Sinbad
Another HBKid Production site.
My Fiction Index
Crystal Keepers fiction index
Scripts of AoS
The scripts, transcribed to text format.
Shac's fanfiction clearinghouse
Another site of links.
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