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Ok, I admit it, I'm lazy tonight. I wanted to get this updated, but not put too much time on it. Tripod, Netscape and all the other browsers I have aren't cooperating too well this week. So, without further ado, here are a huge bunch of links to sites that have something to do with Sinbad. Enjoy. =)

Sinbad and Bryn's Ocean
A forum for the Bryn and Sinbad 'shippers.
A listing of the forums on network54...formerly netbabbler
Sinbad Pic Pages
The fanclub site
Part of the old committees pages
AOS chatroom login screen
BeSeen chat room
LadyWynter's AOS page
City of Mystery
Lady Rumina's page
Book of Enchantments
Soap Opera AIDS Response
Nice pic of Zen available, need one of Julianne
Forbidden Desire, the Sinbad and Rumina forum
Braden Tribute Page
A mirror IMBD site, in German
T.C.Reiner, photographer
Nice shot in here of Zen, among others.
a celeb search site
Pics, but you have to search for them.
Saderah's AOS page
The Sinbad and Bryn page
Monsters, Critters and Gods of AOS
FanFic Exchange
help for writer's block
Interesting link to seamonsters.
Save Our Sinbad
Fanfic adventures of Sinbad
Reference Library
Wonderful world of Sinbad
StormCat's World Of Babes
Women of AOS is in here somewhere.
Moor's tales
Mariah Shirley Forum
Nothing going on...dead
Zen Gesner forum
nothing going on...dead
Nomad's forum
Nothing going on...dead
A Bryn forum.
Maeve and Eyolf..the real soulmates
The Invaders
A pic of Nan Martin. (Zen's Mom)
Rumina and Sinbad, HRADP!
One has an article of Sinbad
Crystal's AOS site.
Also use...
Crystal's AOS Site
Shortcut to the site.
Isle of Dawn
"Adventures of Sinbad"
Another well done page of links
Moonlit seashore
StarFire Keep
Mahyna's Fanfic page
Thunder's palace
Rumina Committee
Rumina's Closet
LAMDA Alumni site
Viewers for Quality Television
Internet Movie Data Base
Elisabeth Nesbitt Room
Voting booths
Fave couple
Daily Sounds' Adventures of Sinbad Archive
Archinves at IMDB
Fun articles
Recycled Canadian Actor Page
Rhapsodia's Realm
Internet Mideaval Sourcebook
Rumina's new Lair
Women of Fantays on Television and the Big Screen
Bomis' webring
HotBot AOS search
StarSeeker's Sinbad info
SinbadFan's AOS fanfic site
Biku's Sinbad Shrine
ANC news
Interesting South African news compilation
Pazazz Entertainment site
Sinbad's Greeting Cards
something goofy
Lyco's search
Lycos search 2
Another fun goofy site
The Art of Zen Gesner
Hopeless Romantic and Damn Proud of it!

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